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We are Idalius Medical Consulting Services, a leading consultancy designed to help medical device industries in their expansion to attain new avenues of Business Success


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Business Development

We help you diversify your revenue streams and manage business risks by identifying new market opportunities for you to explore, based on your capabilities and resources. We then help you prepare detailed plans for new ventures and assess their feasibility with a specific focus on implementation planning.

With the ever-increasing competition for market share, developing the right growth strategy is crucial for the success of the company. Idalius Medical Consulting Services works closely with clients to help align the product or service with the right customer segment. We provide analysis and perspective on the delicate balance that companies need to maintain between finding the profitable niche segments and addressing the high-volume mass market. Using our industry knowledge, we are able to highlight the addressable market for existing and new products. We also provide effective go-to-market strategies and Go to Market (GTM) Consulting that is easy to execute and provide a competitive advantage to our clients. We provide product/customer strategies to make the entry strategies much more actionable.

Growth Strategy Consulting will assist you in envisioning and defining a strategic direction for your organization. We help you blueprint a Growth Strategy for both organic and inorganic growth to capitalise on market opportunities by leveraging on your existing capabilities, or recommending new competencies that you should build.

We conduct this service for Private Equity /M&A Firms and for Clients considering strategic partnerships, acquisitions, mergers, or investments as an avenue to growth. We screen and select potential targets for you and assess the strategic and operational fit between both entities, prior to the transaction. Our goal is to help you understand how you can really create value through the proposed partnership and minimize the risk of failure.



In Which We Do Best

Healthcare Institutions

Healthcare Device Manufacturers

Healthcare Device Distributors and Dealers

Healthcare Professionals

"Helping Health Care Professionals, Healthcare Device Manufactures, and Healthcare organizations to expand in new avenues of Business Success."


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Our Services
1. Business Development
  • Business Plans Consulting
  • Go-To-Market Strategy Consulting
  • Growth Strategy Consulting
  • Strategic & Commercial Due Diligence
2. New Market Expansion
  •  India Entry Strategy Consulting
  • Diversification Strategy
3. New Product Portfolio
  • Feasibility Studies Consulting
  • Partner Selection Strategy Consulting
  • Supply Chain Strategy Consulting
4. Legal and Regulatory Services
  • Medical Device Regulatory Consultancy
Our Industry expertise
1. For Healthcare Institutions

2. Healthcare Device
3. Healthcare Device
    Distributors and Dealers
4. Healthcare Professionals
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